How Much New Windows Cost And The Cost To Replace Your Windows

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Looking up the cost for something is a great first step in any process. Everyone likes to have an idea of what they might be spending.

In this post, you’ll find the cost for new windows, the cost to replace windows, and what changes the price for each.

Eyes, Windows, And Souls

“If eyes are windows to the soul then what does that make house windows?” asks Michelle.

John frowns in thought. “I have no idea, what?” Michelle shrugs. “I don’t know either but I do know that our house windows need help. We need to replace them.”

John barks out a laugh. “Well, you certainly have my attention! Why do you want to replace our windows? The cost to replace windows can’t be cheap. The cost for new windows wasn’t.”

“They’re so old! Jamie just got her windows replaced because newer ones are so much better. They’re more energy-efficient, safer, and we can get new types,” Michelle says. “I also had to learn how to fix window cracks because one has a crack in it! It’s only a patch, too.”

John raises an eyebrow. “Ok, well how much is it to replace windows? You think it’ll be close to the same as new ones?” Michelle shrugs and gets her phone out. “Let’s look it up on Google. I’m sure we can find some ballpark prices.”

Here’s what the couple ends up finding out:

The Cost For New House Windows

The cost of a window for a house can be anywhere from $200 to $400. This doesn’t include installation, labor, custom windows, or any other cost factors. The average cost of a window is $600-$800, including installation.

The Cost To Replace Windows

The cost to replace house windows is about $600 to $800 per window, including installation. Low-end windows are an average of $500. High-end windows average about $1,000.

What Changes Window Costs

Your location. Usually, areas with higher real estate prices have more expensive windows. For example, windows in New York City will usually have a higher price than windows in Fairhope, Alabama (small-town America).

Type of window. A large picture window will have a different price than a small, single-hung window. Windows can have different building processes, more or fewer materials, and different installation processes.

Material. It mainly depends on how available the material is and how easy it is to get it, as well as what it is. For example, wood windows cost more than vinyl windows. Wood is harder to come by and is a costlier material. You can also choose a better type of glass. There are triple-pane, impact-resistant, and other high-performance windows.

Damages. If your frames have damage they’ll need fixing or replacing. This often happens due to water getting in the frame and damaging it. If left alone, the frame may split. This will let all kinds of things into your home and your AC/heat out.

Customization. You can customize certain parts of your windows. Maybe a custom finish, custom material, or something else.

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“Now I’m curious as to what the different types of windows are,” says Michelle. John nods. “I’m more curious as to how people replace windows. Think this blog can help us find those answers?”

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