Where Are The Best Places To Buy Shaker Cabinets?

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These Are Some Of The Best Places To Go To In Bucks County And Montgomery County, Pennsylvania To Buy Shaker Cabinets

There are many places you can buy Shaker cabinets from, but only some make it a painless process. You don’t want to remember feeling frustration and stress every time you look at them, do you?

In this post, you can discover some of the best local stores and the choices you have if you don’t want to buy locally.

Where Can You Buy Shaker Cabinets In Bucks County And Montgomery County, Pennsylvania?

75 Cabinets

You can visit any of their three locations in Pennsylvania. They also do countertops, vanities, and other parts of kitchens and bathrooms.

Gabriel’s Kitchen And Bath

Gabriel started Gabriel’s Kitchen And Bath so he could give homeowners a house they could love. They work directly with homeowners and they work with home builders and remodelers.

Main Line Kitchen Design

Main Line Kitchen Design has plenty of brands for you to choose from. You can buy Shaker cabinets and other styles from them. They also have a podcast you can listen to!

New Hope Kitchen And Bath

You can visit the New Hope Kitchen And Bath showroom and see their supply of kitchen cabinets. They may not have the widest variety when it comes to brands, but the ones they do carry are quality.

Wellsford Cabinetry

You can feel safe buying from Wellsford because of their limited lifetime warranty! They have plenty of products for you to choose from.

Where Can You Buy Shaker Cabinets That Aren’t Local?

Big Box Stores

You can go to big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. They may not have the ones you want, though. Big box stores tend to have lower-quality products than local stores. You won’t have nearly as many choices in styles, designs, or colors either.

You won’t pay as much here as at other stores because the quality isn’t as high and your choices are limited. But, you will be replacing them sooner. This means going through the whole process again and spending more money.

Home Goods Stores

Unlike big box stores, you’ll find that home goods stores only sell, well, home goods! These are places like IKEA. You can find more variety in styles, designs, and colors here than at the big box stores.

You can also find better quality cabinets here than in most big box stores. The prices you see may be higher, but if the quality is too then it’s worth the higher price.


You can also shop online and see what you can find. Many stores are online and allow you to look at their entire stock. You can buy from big box stores, home goods stores, local stores, or from just about any cabinet store in the world.

Seeing as how you can buy just about any kind, the qualities and prices will range from low to high. Buying in a store is usually better because you’ll have a professional nearby who can answer any of your questions quickly.

You Can Also Buy From Us!

You can also buy Shaker cabinets from Dailey Manufacturing. Come take a look at our showroom and you can envision what they’ll look like in your home. You can even use our 3D design to actually see what your kitchen will look like with the style or color you want.

We offer several brands, all of which are high quality. They’ll also be under our warranty, so you can feel safe buying from us. You’re sure to find something you’ll love for your kitchen.

You can find out more about our custom cabinetry service >>

Find The Store That’s Right For You

Finding the right store is important for any homeowner looking to buy Shaker cabinets or any other style. You want a place that carries a variety of brands and styles. The company needs to also communicate well and often so you know what’s happening.

Then you’ll get great cabinets along with an amazing experience.

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