3 Popular Types Of Doors You Can Choose For Your Home

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You’ll Love To Have Some Of These Doors In Your Philadelphia Home

It’s just a door, right? The fact that there are 10+ options begs to differ. There are 2 main types of doors people put in their homes (and a bonus 3rd).

You can see the popular types of doors for Philadelphia in the post below (and a bonus 3rd door type).

It’s Just. A. Door.

“Oh, really? Just a door?”

Jason doesn’t understand why this is such a big deal to Jessica. Doors are pretty much only there to block entryways. A big rock could do the same thing but those are harder for homeowners to move.

“Yes, so why is it so tough to choose one?” he asks. “People see doors all the time. We walk up to them every day, family and guests stare at the front one while waiting, and what about doors for the backyard?” Jessica counters.

“Prove to me that we need to focus on deciding between door types and I’ll gladly help you decide,” Jason says. “I’ll prove it so well you’ll want to get custom doors, Jessica says, whipping out her phone. She gets on Google to find different types of doors.

Here is what she finds and explains to Jason.

3 Types Of Doors For Homes

The three main types of doors for homes are hinged, sliding, and Dutch. Hinge doors are the ones we see everywhere that swing open on hinges. Sliding doors slide open and Dutch doors have separate top and bottom sections you can open.

1. Hinged Doors

“Just think of them as a basic door.”

Hinged doors are the most common type of door in the world. They swing inwards or outwards (sometimes both). These doors can be made out of anything from fiberglass to wood to glass or a mixture of them. 

You’ll see doors like these in almost every home in Philadelphia. They’re great as front and back doors as well as interior doors.

2. Sliding Types Of Doors

Sliding doors are great if you want to save some room.

These doors open by sliding to the side. You see them mostly leading out onto decks and patios. But, a new type of door that slides is rising in popularity- pocket doors.

Pocket doors take this concept but the door slides into the wall. This makes it great for small rooms because the door doesn’t take up what space there is.

Most sliding doors are made from glass though interior ones can also be made of wood.

3. Dutch Doors

These are a special type of hinged door.

Dutch doors are hinged doors but the top half and bottom half can separate. This means while you can open up the whole door you can also just open the top or bottom half.

The top half opens and you can pass in groceries without letting the dog out. The bottom half opens and you can let that same pup run outside to explore.

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“I’d say a Dutch door for the one leading straight into the backyard, sliding for the deck, pocket slider for the smaller bathroom, and then hinged for the rest,” Jason rattles off. Jessica smiles. “Those are great ideas! Let’s see if we can find any more information on this website.”

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