This Is Why Your House Windows Condensate And How To Stop It

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Learn Why Window Condensation Can Be Bad For Your Home In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

House windows condensate when warmer, humid air touches a cold surface. This usually happens during winter when our heat is on. It isn’t good for your home.

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Our Windows Are Wet!

“What do you mean they’re wet?” asks John.

Michelle sucks her teeth. “Our house windows have condensation, somehow. They’ve got water on the inside and probably on the outside too.”

“That’s weird. Also, not a good sign,” sighs John. “We should probably find out why our house windows have condensation on them and how to stop it.”

Michelle nods and gets out her phone. “Let’s do it right away. I have a feeling that the sooner we stop this the better.” She starts looking for answers on Google, like when she was looking up how to fix window cracks.

Here’s what she finds:

Why House Windows Condensate

House window condensation happens when warmer, humid air hits a cold, non-absorbent surface. The warm, wet air touches the cold, hard surface and forms water. Window condensation mostly happens during winter. The warm, humid air inside interacts with the cold panes of glass to form condensation.

This can also happen when the humidity in your house is too high.

Why Window Condensation Is Bad

Water can cause many different types of damage to homes.

The most noticeable negative to house window condensation is the water. It can run down the window and start damaging the paint and wood around the window. If it happens enough, mold or mildew can start growing. It can get bad enough to start affecting your health.

As the sun comes up, instead of heating your home it’s evaporating the condensation and making your home more humid. This can cause mold and mildew to start growing in other places.

Windows with condensation could also point to other problems. It could be that something is causing the humidity in your home to be too high. It could also be the seal around your windows is broken.

How To Minimize House Window Condensation

You can install a mechanical ventilation system with heat or energy recovery. They can help remove moisture in the air and provide fresh air. Also, make sure your windows are sealed properly.

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“Let’s start by checking for damages to the window seal,” suggests Michelle. John nods in agreement. “We can also see if this blog has anything else we should know about windows.”

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