What Are The Top 9 Things To Know About Kitchen Cabinets Before Buying?

These Are What Everybody Needs To Know Before Buying Or Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets Knowing as much as possible before doing a home improvement project (or having one done) can be the difference between having a great experience and a bad one. In this post, you can find out what those are. 1. The Best Kitchen […]

How Long Kitchen Cabinets Last Before Needing Your Help

Our Clients Have Usually Had Their Cabinets For This Long Before They Need Or Want New Ones It’s always relieving to know how long something will last you. Then you can know when you need to start planning on getting new ones! In this post, you can find out how long kitchen cabinets should last. […]

This Is The Process For How Kitchen Cabinets Are Made

Discover How The Cabinets You Want For Your Home In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Are Made First, choose the material for your kitchen cabinets. The construction depends on if they’re stock or custom. Then, join them together using 3 methods. Find out more below. Ok, But How? “We know the parts of a kitchen cabinet, but how […]

The Parts Of A Kitchen Cabinet You’ll Want To Know About

Learn A Bit About The Cabinets You’ll Be Putting In Your Home In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania The parts of a kitchen cabinet include the carcass, hinges, face, box, frame, rail, stile, panel, and toe kick. There are concealed and exposed hinges. Find out more below. Break It Down “You really want to know the parts […]

Painting vs Staining Kitchen Cabinets And Why You’ll Want To Know

Learn The Differences This Can Make For Your Home In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Painting vs staining kitchen cabinets mostly comes down to which look you like better. It usually costs more to paint and touch-ups can be harder. Find out more below. Which To Do? “When it comes to painting vs staining kitchen cabinets? I’m […]

6 Of The Best Kitchen Cabinet Brands And Cabinet Manufacturers

These Are The Cabinets We Recommend People Use For Their Homes In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania A few of the best kitchen cabinet brands and cabinet manufacturers include Greenfield, Siteline, Wolf, and more. They range in style from stock to custom. Find out more below. What Are Our Options? “For kitchen cabinet brands? Hmm, let’s see,” […]

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Material And Why You’ll Love It

Your Home In Montgomery County Pennsylvania Deserves Only The Best Materials The best kitchen cabinet material overall is hardwood. It’s durable and looks great, but it’s expensive. There are some other good cabinet material options. Find out more below. I’m Done “That’s it, I’m over it. We’re upgrading our kitchen cabinets,” growls John. Michelle walks […]

The Best Way To Clean Kitchen Cabinets And What Not To Do

Find Out How You Can Keep The Cabinets In Your Willow Grove Home Clean And Beautiful The best way to clean kitchen cabinets involves using the best cloths, warm water, and a mild soapy solution. There are certain things you don’t want to do. Find out more below. I’m Seeing Spots “Am…am I seeing things […]

4 Best Kitchen Cabinet Finishes People Love For Their Homes

See What Finishes For Kitchen Cabinets People Are Choosing For Their Montgomery Homes The kitchen cabinet finishes people are choosing in this area are paint, glaze, and some finishing techniques. You’ll love the look of at least one of them! See what they look like in the post below. From Start To Finish “We already […]

How To Install Kitchen Wall Cabinets Like A Professional

Find The Steps Contractors Take To Install Cabinets In Kitchens In Montgomery County How to install kitchen wall cabinets starts with the proper preparations. Then hang a ledger board, start with the corner cabinet, and work from there. Find all the steps below. Can We Do It? “Can we install our own kitchen wall cabinets?” […]