The Parts Of A Kitchen Cabinet You’ll Want To Know About

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The parts of a kitchen cabinet include the carcass, hinges, face, box, frame, rail, stile, panel, and toe kick. There are concealed and exposed hinges.

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Break It Down

“You really want to know the parts of a kitchen cabinet?” asks John.

Michelle gives him a little nod. “Yeah, I really do. If we’re going to be custom-making our kitchen cabinets I want to be able to use the right terms. It’ll help if I know all the parts.”

John smiles proudly. “That’s a great idea! I think I should learn too so I can help out. I’m sure we can find the answer by searching Google,” he suggests as he pulls out his phone. “Then we can look up something like staining vs painting cabinets.” He starts searching as Michelle walks over to look on with him.

Here’s what the couple ends up finding:

The 9 Parts Of A Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Carcass – the entire cabinet box, which includes all of the following parts
  2. Hinge – the metal part that attaches the door and cabinet, allowing the door to open and close. Concealed hinges are on the inside of the cabinet while exposed hinges are on the outside of the cabinet
  3. Drawer face – the front of the drawer where the handle attaches
  4. Drawer box – the empty area inside the carcass
  5. Face frame – the areas around the door and drawer that strengthen the box. Frameless cabinets do not have these areas
  6. Rail – horizontal pieces of the frame
  7. Stile – vertical pieces of the frame
  8. Panel – the center section of the doors and drawers
  9. Toe kick – the cutout at the bottom where your toes rest when standing in front of the cabinets

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“There, now I feel a lot more confident about talking to a kitchen cabinet contractor,” says Michelle. John nods. “I do too. Let’s see if any of these other posts can help us learn more about cabinets.”

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