Painting vs Staining Kitchen Cabinets And Why You’ll Want To Know

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Painting vs staining kitchen cabinets mostly comes down to which look you like better. It usually costs more to paint and touch-ups can be harder.

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Which To Do?

“When it comes to painting vs staining kitchen cabinets? I’m not sure,” replies Michelle.

John frowns. “Hmm, well, we need to choose one or the other pretty soon. I know most of the difference is in the look but there might be more.”

Michelle nods as she pulls out her phone. “Well, let’s look it up on Google then. I’m sure we can find out whether we should paint or stain kitchen cabinets. That’s how we chose between the 4 different cabinet finishes.” She starts typing into Google as John walks over so he can see, too.

This is what the couple finds:

Painting vs Staining Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to painting vs staining kitchen cabinets most of the differences are in the look. Paint hides the characteristics and flaws in wood while stains show them off. Paint tends to cost more and be harder to touch up than stains.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Pros And Cons

People paint their cabinets for the look.

Painted kitchen cabinets have a sleek, clean looking finish. You can use paint to give your room a more modern look. There are a lot of color choices like white, blue, and gray. Paint also works with more materials than wood, like fiberboard.

But paint isn’t perfect. It covers up the unique characteristics of the wood beneath it. It’s also more expensive than staining and touching it up can be hard. It’s also easier to see the dust on darker paints.

Staining Kitchen Cabinets Pros And Cons

People who like the more natural wood look love staining.

Lead times are also longer for semi-custom cabinets than with stock. Typically, semi-custom cabinets take 4 to 6 weeks (right now we have many with 8 week lead times due to pandemic-related supply chain issues).

Siteline is a great example of a semi-custom line. They’ll make cabinets any width, without an upcharge. They’ll also change the height of the cabinets if needed without an upcharge.

What Are Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are fully customizable to your style. Many custom lines have “standard” cabinets in their line. This means that they have tons of door styles and colors to choose from. The sky is the limit from there. Custom lines also offer different types of cabinetry like inset and European.

Staining kitchen cabinets will help show off the natural characteristics of the wood. You can choose between darker and lighter finishes. It’s pretty easy to touch up and typically costs less than painting.

Along with those natural characteristics come the blemishes. You’ll want quality kitchen cabinets if you’re going to stain them. Stains are pretty much only good for wood products. Darker stains also don’t hide dust very well.

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“So we basically just need to decide on which look we like better,” points out Michelle. John nods. “Let’s see if any of these other posts can help us make a decision.”

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