The Dailey Manufacturing Process

A consultation process that keeps you - our clients - front and center

More than 15,000 projects completed in 60 years

A Process Designed For Your Peace Of Mind

It can be hard to find a company that can handle all the details of a transformation project for your home – especially if the upgrade involves custom work, like personalized cabinets or highly functional doors, which will have to reflect your vision and unique style perfectly.

We are a company with experienced designers and highly skilled craftsmen on board, and, from planning to installation, we work with you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen more functionality with new, custom cabinets, or trying to widen your view of the outdoors with a larger set of windows, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress at every step of the process and make sure to deliver everything on time, just the way you imagined it.

5 Easy Steps Towards The Perfect Custom Upgrades For Your Home

We can help you create the perfect pantry, office, or kitchen with the perfect storage space design you desire, and give your home the windows and doors it deserves. We'll help you find designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, then work with you on every detail to ensure everything goes smoothly throughout each step. Here's how we do it:

1. Phone Consultation

The first step of working together is to reach out to us. We will talk about what you’re envisioning for your project and see if we are a good fit. If everything looks good, we’ll schedule an in-person visit to get a better sense of the details.

2. In-Person Consultation

Depending on your needs, we’ll either set up a consultation in your home or at our showroom. We’ll nail down specifics of the project and, after getting a few details, we’ll get to work on your 3D design.

3. Design Phase

We create realistic 3D designs for our clients so that you can truly see how beautiful your dream space will be. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll fall in love with just the design!

4. Production Phase

After the design is approved, we’ll collect a deposit and submit it for production. You’ll have your custom cabinets or windows within 6 – 8 weeks!

5. Delivered For Install

Cabinets: We’ll deliver your cabinets to your house for install. If you need assistance finding a contractor to install them, let us know! We are happy to help you find one that is a great fit for your needs.

Windows: We can install the windows, or, if you have another way of installation, we will simply deliver them.

Many of our clients send us pictures of the final space and we would love to see yours! Get ready to love your new space, and then invite your friends over to enjoy it too!

What Our Customers Say


I first purchased my windows from Dailey, and upon a great first impression and awesome windows, I purchased my cabinets from them just a few weeks later. I was equally impressed with the customer service and quality of the product.

Brian sat down with us to review our dimensions of the room, before the end of our meeting he was able to make the best design for our space. The many color and cabinet design options let us make the exact kitchen we were hoping for. Within a few days, Brian emailed us a computer generation of our cabinets. A perfect representation of what became the finished product.

Dailey Manufacturing made sure that we were a priority. Any questions or concerns we had were answered immediately and thoughtfully. Brian even sent a video message over one weekend to review a design choice we made. We appreciate the service and will be happy to recommend them to any of our friends looking for cabinetry and windows.

Sean Wynne

You deserve to have the home you’ve always wanted