Our 6 Step Process For Getting You Your New Cabinets Or Windows

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This Is What To Expect When Working With Us From First Contact To The End

Working with contractors can be such a mystery…a stressful, mystery. It’s almost always better to know what to expect when it comes to anything!

In this post, you’ll discover the journey we go on with clients.

Are We Playing 20 Questions?

“Sorry, I just don’t know any of the answers,” says Michelle apologetically.

John sighs and rubs the back of his head. “No, I’m the one who should be apologizing. I was kind of aggressive with all of those questions. I just want to know what it’ll be like working with the contractors we’re looking at hiring. Also, the cost of windows.”

Michelle smiles and gives him a hug. “It’s ok, I know they weren’t really directed at me but at the contractor. We should probably open that email he sent us with all those attachments.” John nods as he pulls his phone out.

“Let’s see, the first one is…process! This is exactly what I was asking about,” says John excitedly. He opens the document to see…

Our 6 Step Journey

1. Submit A Contact Form On Our Website With Pictures

  • The pictures give us an idea of what your space is like, which helps with estimates and designs


2. Phone Consultation

  • We’ll talk about your project and see if we can help you


3. In-Home Consultation

  • We’ll go more in-depth about your wants and needs
  • We’ll also take measurements
  • This is like a design consultation. You’ll get options for cabinet door type, color, and more


4. Create A 3D Design

  • For cabinet projects this is mandatory
  • There’s no charge unless you want to make major changes
  • We’ll collect a deposit at this point


5. Order Materials

6. Schedule A Delivery Of Materials To Your House

  • We’ll collect the rest of the payment before delivery or when we bring it over


For windows, the process is basically the same. There are a few differences:

  • We collect the first deposit once we’re all ready to order the windows. We’ll ask for the rest once you pick up the windows or we deliver them
  • If you hire us for installation, we’ll collect the rest of the payment when we’re done
  • There’s no 3D design

Please contact us if anything happens to the product during installation. We’ll do our best to help you! We’ll also answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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“Nice, this really helps,” says John in relief. Michelle nods. “It really does. Let’s see what else he sent for us to read. They’ll probably be helpful too.”

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