Kitchen Trends You’ll Want To Have Right Now (And Ones To Avoid)

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These Are What People In Montgomery County Are Putting In Their Kitchens (And Avoiding)

Popular kitchen trends near you include appliances, colors, cabinets, and countertops. You’ll also want to know what to avoid having in your kitchen.

Discover what they are below.

Show Me Local!

“I don’t want popular kitchen trends in Sacramento, ugh,” sighs Michelle.

John chuckles and shakes his head. “How in the world did that show up? We’re on the other side of the continent for crying out loud. Did you try looking up kitchen cabinet ideas?”

Michelle rolls her eyes and lays her head on the table. “How am I supposed to find what I want when I keep getting results that are hundreds and thousands of miles away.” John scratches his head. “Why not look on local contractor websites? Get the ol’ two birds one stone thing going.”

Michelle’s eyes light up. “That’s brilliant! Find pictures and the contractor who made them happen. Doing it right now.” She bangs on her phone keyboard furiously as she searches.

Here’s what she finds on a local contractor’s blog:

Kitchen Trends For Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Popular kitchen trends for our area include:

  • Islands
  • White Shaker cabinets with full overlay
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Different color islands and kitchen cabinets
  • Butcher blocks as a part of kitchen island countertops
  • GE appliances

Kitchen Trends For Appliances

When it comes to brands people are loving GE appliances. Kitchen trends for appliances also include stainless steel, panel ready (the door matches the cabinets so it blends in), microwave drawers, and Sub-Zero refrigerators.

Kitchen Trend Colors

Kitchen trend colors for walls are off-white paint and off-white backsplashes. Wall kitchen cabinet color trends include blues, greenish colors, and natural wood islands. Many people make the island and wall cabinets different colors.

Kitchen Trends For Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet trends are mostly dominated by whites and grays. Some people are starting to use blue for all of their cabinets too. People will have different colors for their cabinets and islands.

As for style, you’ll see Shaker as the most popular of the cabinet door styles with a full overlay and sometimes an inset mixed in.

Kitchen Trends For Countertops

The most popular kitchen trend for countertops is quartz. More specifically, white quartz with veins running through it. It’s truly a unique and beautiful look. No two slabs look exactly alike. Plus, quartz is very durable and great as a countertop material.

For kitchen island countertops, butcher block tops or leathered granite are popular choices. Leathered granite basically means it has a rougher finish.

Kitchen Trends To Avoid

Kitchen trends to avoid include open or floating shelves. This is because they get dusty quickly and need cleaning. Rustic-looking cabinets aren’t popular either. They look old and often aren’t the best quality.

Speaking of quality, just avoid low-quality materials. They won’t look good or last nearly as long as higher quality ones.

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“What a list! So many trends to have in our kitchen,” says Michelle dreamily. “And ones to avoid,” says John. “I wonder what else we can find out about kitchens on this blog,” says Michelle.

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