3 Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors Popular In Montgomery County, PA

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The most popular kitchen cabinet stain colors are darker ones. It can change depending on the type of wood your kitchen cabinets are made of.

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The Only Good Kind Of Stain

“Is one that looks like someone famous?” says Michelle.

John chuckles. “You’re not wrong, hon. But also, wood stains. And we have a lot of kitchen cabinet stain colors to look through.”

Michelle claps her hands excitedly. “This is going to be so fun! I never thought I’d be picking out the cabinet stain colors for my kitchen.” John smiles. “Ahem, our, kitchen.” Michelle smiles bashfully. “Yes, our kitchen, John.”

John takes his phone out of his pocket. “Why don’t we look some stain colors up on Google before we talk to a contractor? Then we’ll at least know the direction we want to go in. Also, we can probably find out which ones are the most popular.”

“That’s a good idea, let’s do it!” agrees Michelle. “If we don’t find anything we like we can look up some other colors for kitchen cabinets instead.” John nods and starts searching on Google.

Here’s some of what they find:

Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors You’ll Love

For most kitchen cabinets, the stain color people love is the darker color cherry stain. Anything on the darker side of the color palette is popular. Natural finishes are the popular kitchen cabinet stain color for oak. Espresso color stains are popular for maple kitchen cabinets.

It’s best to use darker color stains for maple kitchen cabinets. This wood is harder to stain and can get blotchy. Darker stains hide any blotchiness better.

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“Awesome, now we can finally stain our cabinets,” says Michelle excitedly. “Well, I think we need to do a little more digging. How about we talk over colors while we look?” John suggests.

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