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Find Popular Ideas People Have For Kitchen Cabinets In Montgomery County, PA

Some popular kitchen cabinet ideas include floating shelves, glass door cabinets, and different colors like white and blue. The pictures say 1,000 words.

Find the ideas and some pictures in the post below.

Once This Is Over

“I’m going to go ahead and start planning.”

Max looks up in confusion from his slice of pizza. “Go ahead and start planning what, exactly?” Lisa smiles. “Planning the new look for our kitchen cabinets! It’s not like I have much else to do. Plus with all the money we’re saving right now we can afford it.”

Max takes a bit of his pizza and chews thoughtfully. “What kind of ideas do you have for these kitchen cabinets? And how much do kitchen cabinets cost?”

Lisa whips out her phone. “I actually have a few kitchen cabinet ideas that I really like, want to see them?” She pulls up a chair next to Max and shows him this.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

A few kitchen cabinet ideas include glass door cabinets, floating shelves, kitchen island cabinets, and contrasting colors. Popular styles include shaker, raised panel, and slab doors. Trending colors are natural wood, dark blue, gray, and white.

Why People Love These Ideas

The most popular ones are glass door cabinets, floating shelves, and kitchen island cabinets.

Glass cabinets have the front panels made of glass like a window. Clear options let people see what’s in the cabinet. It makes it easier for guests (and you) to find what they are looking for.

You can also choose opaque glass. It gives kitchens a more modern look but people can’t see what’s in the cabinets.

Floating shelves are a neat idea. You can hang cookware from them and maybe even put some decorations on them! These and kitchen island cabinets can give you more storage space.

As for the popular kitchen cabinet colors, whites and grays are 2 of the most popular.

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“I think I’d like glass cabinets with dark blue trim. I feel like they’ll complement each other nicely,” Lisa says confidently. Now they just need to find somewhere to buy kitchen cabinets or someone to install them.

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