4 Best Kitchen Cabinet Finishes People Love For Their Homes

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See What Finishes For Kitchen Cabinets People Are Choosing For Their Montgomery Homes

The kitchen cabinet finishes people are choosing in this area are paint, glaze, and some finishing techniques. You’ll love the look of at least one of them!

See what they look like in the post below.

From Start To Finish

“We already chose from the kitchen cabinet door styles, so now we need a finish,” John says.

“Hmmm,” Michelle thinks. “We’ll definitely want the best of the types of kitchen cabinet finishes, but what are they? Or do we only have one choice?”

John shrugs. “I have no idea, but we can find out! Why don’t we look it up on Google and see what we can find?” he suggests. “That’s a great idea, hon! Let’s do it right now,” Michelle says eagerly.

Michelle takes her phone out and starts typing away on Google. Here is what they eventually find:

4 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

4 of the more popular kitchen cabinet finishes include paint, stain, glaze, and finishing techniques. Paints cover up the wood look. Stains can change the wood color but it still looks like wood. Glazing adds depth and can increase durability. Finishing techniques create an aged look.

1. Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can transform the look completely.

Painting on tighter grain cabinets can get rid of the wood look. This gives them a more modern look. Painting on coarse grain wood will let you see a bit of the wood grain under it. A few popular colors include whites, grays, and blues.

2. Staining As A Kitchen Cabinet Finish

Stains can change the color of your cabinets while keeping the wood look.

Not everybody likes the look of natural wood. Staining them can make them darker and give you a totally new look! This kitchen cabinet finish also helps protect the wood from moisture and sun damage.

3. Adding A Layer Of Glaze

Glazes can go over painted or stained kitchen cabinets.

Glazing is a kitchen cabinet finish that highlights the details of the wood. It can help to add depth and visual interest. It can change the color of the cabinets a bit depending on how you apply the glaze.

Flooding involves spraying glaze on the entire cabinet and wiping it off. It does change the color a bit. Penning is hand-applying the glaze only to certain areas. This highlights those areas without changing the base color.

4. Finishing Techniques

This is for if you want your cabinets to have an aged look to them.

This kitchen cabinet finish is also called distressed. You sand, distress the finish, and/or add some small surface damages. It’s truly a unique and wonderful look.

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“So many good choices! What do you think would work best?” asks John. “Let’s talk it over and see what else we can find out about kitchen cabinets,” suggests Michelle.

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