3 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles You’ll Love (With Pictures)

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The popular kitchen cabinet door styles include shaker, raised panel, and slab. Each brings a unique look to kitchens. All that’s left is to find your style

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No, Not “The Doors”

“Aw, but why not?”

Kim rolls her eyes at Chris’s joke, “You already know all of their songs, duh. The doors we need to look at are ones for the kitchen cabinets we’re going to buy.”

Chris sighs in disappointment then shakes it off. “I know this is important to you. I’m ready to look at those popular kitchen cabinet door styles you were telling me about.”

Kim smiles as she pulls up her list and pictures. “Once you see how amazing these are you’ll want to know where to buy kitchen cabinets.”

1. Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

“Why are they called shakers?”

Shaker cabinets and furniture come from a group known as the Shakers. They’ve been crafting since the 18th century. Their cabinets reflect their lifestyle- simple, durable, and high-quality.

“They certainly do have a humble elegance to them,” Kim notes. Chris thinks they just look like cabinets, but that’s because he hasn’t paid attention to different kitchen cabinet door styles.

Kim likes them because they work well in contemporary kitchens. She scrolls to the next style of kitchen cabinet doors.

2. Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

“Aren’t these the same as the last ones?”

Raised panel cabinets look similar to shaker cabinets. The difference is the center panel in raised panel cabinets stick out a bit. They usually have more decorative options too.

They do fit better in more traditional-style kitchens.

“So raised panel cabinet door styles are fancier while shaker doors are more spartan,” Chris notes. Kim nods and smiles. She’s glad he is paying attention.

Kim scrolls to the last style of cabinet door.

3. Slab Door Kitchen Cabinets

“This one is pretty self-explanatory.”

Slab kitchen cabinet doors are just one panel, with or without a handle. They give kitchens a more modern look, which is why they are rising in popularity.

“I really like this one, mostly because it doesn’t have the panels interrupting the flow,” Chris says, now an expert in kitchen cabinet door styles.

Which Style Will They Choose

“I’m thinking the same thing, Chris!” Kim squeals excitedly. Chris smiles happily, glad he could make his wife happy.

“I guess now would be a good time to find out how much kitchen cabinets cost.”

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