3 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Why You’ll Love Them

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See The Colors People In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Are Using In Their Kitchens

We see people choose whites, grays, and wood stains the most. You can use these popular kitchen cabinet colors to bring a fresh new look to your kitchen.

Find pictures of what they can look like below.

Time To Stop Playing

“I think we’ve done enough playing around with this idea,” says Michelle.

“You mean the kitchen cabinets?” asks John. “They just need a fresh look! It’s about time for it to happen so why don’t we just go ahead and do it?” Michelle bursts out.

“You’re right,” agrees John. “We’ve done a lot of talking, mostly complaining, and not a lot of doing. Let’s look up popular kitchen cabinet colors on Google.” Michelle smiles. “That’s a perfect start! Come over here, let’s look on my phone.” John walks around the kitchen island to join her, saying “We’ll end up needing to find out the differences in painting vs staining. That’ll guide our choice too.”

Here’s what the couple finds out:

Kitchen Cabinet Colors People Love

The three main popular kitchen cabinet colors are shades of white, gray, and wood stains. You can also mix the colors. For example, white cabinets on top and gray on the bottom. Kitchen island cabinets can be a different color from the wall ones too.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White may forever be a popular kitchen cabinet color. It’ll never go out of style because it gives kitchens a clean, pure look. This is perfect for an area where you can make and eat food.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is one of the best kitchen cabinet colors because it matches with everything! They can help create a calm atmosphere. People use gray cabinets to bring a more modern look to their kitchens.

Stained Kitchen Cabinets

This is a classic look for kitchen cabinets. You can paint or stain them to look like this. With stains, there are many different shades ranging from light to dark. It depends on how much of the natural wood look you want to see.

Mixing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

This is definitely the most fun option when choosing kitchen cabinet colors. Many people choose white or gray for one because they match easily with most other colors. We see people choose different colors for their wall cabinets and kitchen island cabinets. You can also choose different colors for the top and bottom rows.

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“Wow, this settles it! We’re definitely giving our kitchen cabinets a new look,” says John excitedly. Michelle smiles and nods. “Let’s see what else we can find on this blog while we talk colors.”

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