How To Replace House Windows Efficiently In 9 Steps

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You Can Learn The Steps We Take To Replace House Windows

Replacing house windows starts with measuring the windows in question and ends with either insulating the window or replacing the trim and casing.

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Our Windows Aren’t Working!

“What do you mean our windows aren’t working?” John asks Michelle.

Michelle frowns at the window. “It’s drafty, doesn’t block out noise well, and it just won’t close properly either. I think it’s time to learn how to replace house windows. Or hire someone to do it.”

John crosses his arms as he stares at the window. “I never noticed, thanks for pointing this out! Let’s look for window replacement instructions on Google. I wonder how much window replacements cost?” John gets out his phone and starts searching.

Here is what he finds:

How To Replace House Windows

  1. Measure the window space
  2. Remove the old window using a crowbar
  3. Make sure the area the window sits in has no damages
  4. Adjust window frame to fit new window if necessary
  5. Install window by pushing it up until it’s even with the frame
  6. Screw window into place
  7. Wrap window with window wrap to keep out moisture
  8. Insulate the window
  9. Replace trim and casing if necessary

When removing the window be sure to get the casing, trim, and sill plate.

After removal, you’ll want to make sure the headers and studs are even. You may have to add boards to the frame so the new window will fit. Be sure to allow about a ¼-inch gap for any future adjustments and insulation.

Window adjustments can include moving screws and adding shims.

When wrapping, it’s best to have it overlap. It needs to be as flat and smooth as possible so it can better keep moisture out.

You can use an expanding foam sealant to insulate your window. It’s best to use it between the casing and the actual window. Use painter’s tape on the edges of the window to protect it. Once the foam dries you can scrape it off. Just don’t use too much!

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“Are we going to replace the window ourselves or have someone else do it?” asks Michelle. John sighs. “I think we’ll need some help with this one. Let’s see what else we can find on this website.”

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