How To Install Kitchen Wall Cabinets Like A Professional

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Find The Steps Contractors Take To Install Cabinets In Kitchens In Montgomery County

How to install kitchen wall cabinets starts with the proper preparations. Then hang a ledger board, start with the corner cabinet, and work from there.

Find all the steps below.

Can We Do It?

“Can we install our own kitchen wall cabinets?” asks John.

Michelle shrugs. “I mean, we can but I have no idea how they get them to stay on the wall, much less where to begin.” John cracks a smile. “That sounds like a challenge to me!”

John pulls out his phone. “I’m going to look up how to install kitchen wall cabinets and see if I can do it myself. Can you look up how much kitchen cabinets cost?” Michelle nods and they both start searching on Google. John finds what he’s looking for first.

Here are the steps he finds to follow:

How To Install Kitchen Wall Cabinets

  1. Get someone to be a helping pair of hands
  2. Prepare for the installation. This includes marking where the cabinets and appliances will be on the wall
  3. Install the upper cabinet ledger. This will basically hold your cabinets up as you install them
  4. Start with a corner cabinet or the far left cabinet. Place the cabinet on the ledger and screw it to the wall
  5. Place the next cabinet beside it, level it, and clamp them together. Screw the cabinets together and screw the second cabinet to the wall
  6. Hang the other cabinets following the same steps
  7. Remove the ledger board

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“Okay, that seems like a lot. Maybe we should look into hiring a professional to come to install our kitchen cabinets,” John admits. Michelle nods. “If that’s what you think then I support it. Before we do that, let’s see what else we should know about kitchen cabinets.”

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