How To Fix A Crack In A Window So It Doesn’t Shatter

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Fixing a window crack can be done in 5 steps. It involves cleaning it, taping the backside, and a glass adhesive. It’s only a temporary fix though.

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That Was Close!

“I’m just glad the rock didn’t shatter the window!”

John sighs in relief and wipes the sweat from his forehead. The lawnmower sent a rock hidden in the grass flying towards the house. It bounced off the window, cracking it and scaring Michelle.

Now there’s a huge crack in the window that needs fixing.

“John, do you think you can fix or at least patch the crack today?” Michelle asks. John rubs his head. “I don’t know, I’ll have to see how to fix a window crack first. Might have to look up the cost to replace a house window, too.” He gets out his phone and starts searching Google for a process that sounds like something he could do.

After searching for a while, here is what he finds:

How To Fix A Window Crack

  1. Blow into the crack to get the dirt and dust out
  2. Flush the crack with water and dish soap and let dry
  3. Tape the backside of the crack
  4. Apply a glass adhesive using a brush or syringe and let it to dry before removing the tape


That should hold it until you can get someone to replace your window.

Cleaning out the crack helps the adhesive sink into the cracks. This helps it hold the glass together better, making it last longer.

Taping the backside of the crack keeps the adhesive from seeping out the other side. This makes sure it stays where it should and that it looks as good as it can.

Using a brush and syringe is the easiest way to work with something so thin and delicate.

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“I’ll get some glass adhesive and get to work patching this thing. Would you mind looking up someone who can replace our window?” asks Jon. Michelle nods and starts, also looking to see what else she can find on this website:

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