How Long Kitchen Cabinets Last Before Needing Your Help

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Our Clients Have Usually Had Their Cabinets For This Long Before They Need Or Want New Ones

It’s always relieving to know how long something will last you. Then you can know when you need to start planning on getting new ones!

In this post, you can find out how long kitchen cabinets should last. You can also uncover the top reasons people get new ones.

Will They Last Long Enough?

“I don’t want to get new kitchen cabinets just to have to again in a couple of years,” says John.

Michelle sighs. “I’m telling you they’ll last! It’s not like kitchen cabinets only last 2 years or anything. Here, I’ll look it up on Google, too. Multiple sources, not just one.”

John nods. “That sounds great to me! I’m actually kind of excited to learn how long kitchen cabinets should last. Hopefully, longer than the time it takes to get and install cabinets.” Michelle smiles and rolls her eyes. “Nerd,” she says lovingly.

She takes her phone out of her purse. “Let’s go ahead and look it up seeing as how you’re so excited about it,” she says to John.

Here’s what she finds out:

How Long Should Kitchen Cabinets Last

Kitchen cabinets should last about 20 years. In recent years, their materials and construction process have gotten better. This results in them having a long lifespan. Big box store stock cabinets, however, usually only last about 5 years.

The top three reasons people get new cabinets are the look, damages, and if they bought lower-quality cabinets.

Why Most People Get New Cabinets

The look. Having the same-looking cabinets for 20 years can be tiresome and boring. People want something new and fresh! A great way to do this is by getting new cabinets. They may also want new cabinets because they’re remodeling.

Damage. Nobody wants damaged cabinets. They don’t look good and who knows what it could lead to. It could be moisture damage, peeling paint, or things banging into the bottom cabinets.

Low-quality cabinets. Lower-quality cabinets may be cheaper, but they don’t last as long. They may look cheaper too.

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“Well, it’s hard to argue with two decades,” says John. Michelle nods. “Glad you think so too. Now, let’s see what all we can find on this blog that’ll help us decide on our new cabinets.”

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