How Long It Can Take To Get And Install Doors For Your Home

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This Is When Clients In Bucks County And Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Can Expect Their Doors

It’s always good to know how long something can take so you can better prepare. 

In this post, you can find out how long it takes to get and install doors. You can also find out what can change the timeline.

We Can’t Wait Forever!

“Our door has A CRACK in it,” says John.

Michelle nods quickly. “I’m well aware of the crack, it’s kind of hard to miss. If we’re going to get a new door we need to sit down and start right now.”

John plants himself at the kitchen table, phone in front of him. “You’re absolutely right, hon. Otherwise, we’ll keep pushing it off for what seems like more pressing matters. How long does it take to get and install a door do you think?”

“I” -says Michelle as she slides into the chair next to John- “have no idea. We might as well check it out on Google and see what we can find. Also, we should look into door costs.” John nods, picking up his phone to start looking.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

How Long It Can Take To Get Doors

It can take up to 3 months to get doors. It mainly depends on complexity, backorders, and shipping.

What Can Change How Long It Takes To Get A Door

Complexity. Some types of doors are harder to make, or the materials are harder to get, and thus take longer to get.

  • Tempered glass takes forever to make
  • Decorative glass patterns are extremely backordered
  • Fiberglass skin doors have super hard to get the materials and door makers can’t keep up with the orders

Backorders. Materials and even the door itself can be on backorder. It depends on how popular the door is and how many orders are already up.

Shipping. With the COVID-19 situation, everything is taking longer. Even without that, shipping can sometimes be a problem.

How Long It Can Take To Install A Door

It usually takes about half a day to install a door. This includes attaching the hinges, putting the hinge together, getting the door to where the installation is, attaching it to the hinges, and making sure everything is right.

What Can Change How Long Door Installs Take

Size changes. If you want to turn a single door into a double door, or vice versa, it’ll take longer. We’d have to resize the frame so the new door can fit.

Type of door. A normal door installs differently than a double sliding door. Some doors are just harder to transport and work with in general.

Damages. The door could be damaged during shipping. It’s pretty rare, but it can still happen. If we find damages before or during installation, they’ll need fixing first. We’ll stop and talk to you about how you’d like to handle it.

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“Well, at least we’ll have plenty of time to prepare,” says John. Michelle nods. “Let’s see what other posts about doors this blog has.”

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