This Is How Long It Takes To Get And Install Cabinets And Why

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People Are Waiting This Long To Get And Install A New Look For Their Kitchen In Bucks County And Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Waiting is the worst when you don’t have an end in sight. That’s why we want you to have one when it comes to getting and installing your kitchen cabinets!

In this post, you’ll find out how long it can take to get and install kitchen cabinets. You’ll also discover what can make both processes longer or shorter.

Why Do We Have To Wait?

“We wait because I refuse to use big box stores to get kitchen cabinets,” says John.

“But why? The cabinets are right there so we should be able to get them faster, right?” asks Michelle. John shrugs. “Maybe, but even if it’s faster the quality and customer service aren’t the same. Plus, how long will it really take to get and install kitchen cabinets?”

Michelle shrugs back. “I don’t know how long it takes to install kitchen cabinets, much less get them!” John picks his phone up. “In that case, let’s look it up! I bet there’s a difference if it’s stock vs semi-custom vs custom.”

Here’s what the couple finds out after some digging:

How Long It Takes To Get Cabinets

Right now in 2021, it can take anywhere from 3 to 16 weeks to get cabinets. Most stock cabinets are taking 3 to 4 weeks. Most custom cabinets are taking 14 to 16 weeks. It’s taking so much longer due to pandemic-related material delays.

What Can Change How Long It Takes To Get Cabinets

Type of cabinet. Stock cabinets don’t take as long because they’re easier to make. Custom cabinets need to be made specifically for a client.

Custom colors. While amazing, custom cabinet colors do lengthen the timeline. It takes time to finish a sample and get your approval. This typically adds a few weeks to the process of ordering, as we can’t order anything until you approve the color.

Delays. The pandemic is causing material delays and price jacking in multiple industries. Many materials are on backorder.

How Long It Takes To Install Cabinets

It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to install cabinets from gutting to finish. Just the replacing part takes about 2 to 3 days for the physical installation. It changes based on the number of cabinets, floors or walls being out of square, appliance cutouts, crown molding, and damages.

You can find out how we install kitchen cabinets >>

What Can Change How Long It Takes To Install Cabinets

The number of cabinets. More cabinets mean we need more time and labor to install them. It’s more work so it takes longer.

Walls or floors being out of square. Basically, this means we need to level the floor or wall so your cabinets are level. Nobody wants crooked cabinets.

Crown molding. 2 piece crown molding and varying height crown molding takes a little longer to work with than a simple one-piece crown molding. If the ceiling isn’t level this takes longer to do.

Appliance cutouts. When you have appliances inside your cabinets, we may have to cut out space for them. When using stock cabinetry the factories typically don’t offer custom factory appliance cutouts. These cutouts then have to be done on-site. This is especially true for farm sinks. The installer needs to cut out or route the sink using a template that’s sent with the sink from the sink manufacturer.

Damages. If you find damage on your cabinets, you’ll probably want new ones. We always suggest opening everything and going through your items before installation. It may take a few extra minutes or delay your start by a day, but you’ll have everything ready to go and won’t be met with a surprise.

Other. A wrong measurement, a surprise found while tearing down a wall, water damage, problem with electric wires or routing, etc.

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“Wow, this pandemic is affecting way more than I realized,” says Michelle. John nods. “Yeah, but that just means we have more time to prepare to not have our kitchen for a while. Let’s go ahead and see what else is on this blog.”

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