The Cost Of Custom Doors And What Will Increase It

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Find Out How Much People In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Are Investing In Their Doors

The cost of custom doors for the entrance to your home can go as high as six thousand dollars. It depends on if you want any additions like colors and more.

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But, Why?

“Do we really need a custom door for our entrance?” asks John.

Michelle nods fiercely. “The entrance to our home, like the rest of the exterior, makes the first impression. The door is where people wait while we come to let them in. A lot of people will be staring at our door.”

“And we don’t want them looking at some plain, boring door,” finishes John. “Exactly,” says Michelle. “So, how much do custom doors cost?” asks John.

“…I actually don’t know the cost of custom doors,” whispers Michelle. “Whoops, I got too caught up in looking at the 3 main types of doors,” she laughs as she takes out her phone. “Might as well find out.” She starts looking on Google for answers.

Here’s what she ends up finding out:

Custom Doors Cost

The cost of custom doors for entryways is usually between $850 and $6,000. You’ll increase the cost by adding any extras. This includes decorative glass, different colors for the interior and exterior, and more.

The Main Cost Factors

  • Blinds inside the glass
  • Custom finish colors
  • Fancier handles and locks
  • Decorative glass
  • Different colors for the interior and exterior

Why Do These Increase The Cost?

Additions increase the cost because they take more labor and/or materials. It takes more work to add glass to doors or put blinds inside the glass. Some materials cost more than others or are harder to work with. 

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“Now that we know what we’re working with we can start looking up other information about doors,” says Michelle happily. “Like what?” asks John. “Let’s see what else this blog can tell us,” says Michelle.

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