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The best kitchen cabinet material overall is hardwood. It’s durable and looks great, but it’s expensive. There are some other good cabinet material options.

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I’m Done

“That’s it, I’m over it. We’re upgrading our kitchen cabinets,” growls John.

Michelle walks into the kitchen. “What, why? Where’d this come from?” John shrugs. “I don’t like the look of this particleboard material anymore. It looks…cheap. Which it is. And I’m tired of always worrying about moisture damage and having to wipe them dry.”

“So you want to install better kitchen cabinets?” asks Michelle. John nods. “Yep, and using the best kitchen cabinet material too. No more skimping.”

Michelle pulls out her phone. “Let’s look at the different kitchen cabinet materials. We can see which one is best within our budget. Speaking of, we’ll also need to look up the cost for kitchen cabinets.” She starts searching as John frowns at the kitchen cabinets.

Here is what Michelle ends up finding:

The Best Material For Kitchen Cabinets

The best kitchen cabinet material is hardwood. It’s strong, scratch-resistant, and has multiple options. It does cost the most. Other good options include plywood and medium-density fiberboard. They are also pretty durable and good looking, though not as much as hardwood.

The 5 Best Hardwood Kitchen Cabinet Materials

There are 5 good hardwood choices for kitchen cabinets. They are oak, hickory, pine, cherry, and maple.

  1. Oak is the most common of these trees. It’s durable, looks great with stain or paint, and it’s easy to find. The grain will show through on any stain you use.
  2. Hickory is another common wood. It’s also the sturdiest of the hardwoods so it can take almost anything your kitchen can throw at it. It ranges in color from browns to whites and it’s random, natural streaks add to the uniqueness.
  3. Pine is the most cost-effective and usually least expensive. It adds a more rustic vibe to kitchens and will for a long time because it ages so well. The one drawback is it nicks pretty easily.
  4. Cherry is a favorite because of its high quality. The wood has a natural reddish hue that turns even darker the more sun it gets. It’s durable and easy to work with.
  5. Maple is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials. Its beautiful grain will shine through any color or shade of stain.

Plywood And Medium-Density Fiberboard

These aren’t the best kitchen cabinet materials, but if hardwood isn’t an option then these are good alternatives.

They have decent durability, though MDF doesn’t deal with moisture well. They take paints pretty well and thus have a variety of colors you can choose from.

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“Based on what you want it sounds like we’re investing in maple or cherry cabinets,” says Michelle. John nods. “Sounds right to me. Let’s see what else we can learn on this blog.”

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