6 Of The Best Kitchen Cabinet Brands And Cabinet Manufacturers

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A few of the best kitchen cabinet brands and cabinet manufacturers include Greenfield, Siteline, Wolf, and more. They range in style from stock to custom.

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What Are Our Options?

“For kitchen cabinet brands? Hmm, let’s see,” replies John to Michelle.

He takes his phone out of his pocket. “Let’s see if we can find an answer to this question on Google.”

John starts looking through the results. “Wow, there are a lot of cabinet manufacturers out there. I think we should look for the best kitchen cabinet brands and manufacturers. They’ll probably use the best cabinet materials. What do you think?”

Michelle nods her head. “That’s a great idea. We won’t have to put in nearly as much time and effort that way. And at least we’ll know the cabinets will look good and stay that way.” John narrows his search to only looking for the best. Michelle walks over so she can look on with him.

Here are the 6 they end up finding:

6 Kitchen Cabinet Brands People Love

The best kitchen cabinet brands and cabinet manufacturers are Greenfield, Siteline, Wolf, Makellos, North Point, and Fabuwood. These companies make quality cabinets ranging from stock to custom. The differences come in the number of options for door styles, colors, and materials.

1. Greenfield

This is one of the best kitchen cabinet brands. Greenfield is a cabinet manufacturer that makes cabinets of the highest quality. They make their cabinets from very fine woods. They have nearly unlimited choices in door styles, colors, and other options.

2. Siteline

Greenfield makes this brand of kitchen cabinets too! Siteline makes mid-higher grade cabinets. They’re quality cabinets but have fewer options than the Greenfield-brand kitchen cabinets do.

3. Wolf

These kitchen cabinet manufacturers make lower mid-level grade cabinets. Wolf Designer is the more specific name for the mid-level cabinets. The cabinets look nice and have plenty of options for door styles and colors. Wolf Classic is the cheaper, and lower quality, line. It might be cheaper but it’s quicker to get.

4. Makellos

Makellos is the best kitchen cabinet brand if you’re price shopping. They may seem like your average stock kitchen cabinets but they’re actually pretty nice. This cabinet manufacturer makes the best quality for a lower price point. The styles are limited but they still look nice.

5. North Point

We recommend the Ready-To-Assemble set from this cabinet manufacturer. Even though they’re stock cabinets, they’re of great quality. Costs are cut by having customers assemble the cabinets and limited door and color options. They ship quickly too!

6. Fabuwood

This is another fine stock cabinet brand. We use this line as one of our stock cabinets as well. You have a limited selection of high-quality choices to make when putting together your cabinets.

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“Let’s see what the styles and colors and prices are!” says Michelle excitedly. John chuckles and nods. “For sure! Let’s check out the other kitchen cabinet posts on this blog too.”

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