7 Of The Most Common Questions People Ask Dailey Manufacturing

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These Are The Questions Potential Clients In Bucks County And Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Ask

It’s always a great idea to ask a contractor questions before hiring them. Instead of playing phone tag or writing emails, you can discover some answers right here!

In this post, you can see the answers to questions people near you ask Dailey Manufacturing.

How Else Are We Going To Find Out?

“I don’t think we can just call this painting contractor and start interrogating him,” jokes John.

Michelle groans. “I know, you’re right. How else are we going to find answers? Google can’t give us answers about certain companies, like how long it takes to get and install kitchen cabinets.”

John shrugs. “Well, then, I don’t… wait a second. After we emailed him, he sent us some blog posts of his that may help. One of them,” -he picks up his phone- “may have answers for us.”

He begins looking through his emails. “Yes! He sent us a post with 7 common questions people ask him. Let’s see what it says.”

Here’s what the couple finds out:

1. What services do you not provide?

We don’t do cabinet refinishing or anything with car windows.

2. What happens after you’re done?

After we’re done with your project, you can check out your new project. If anything isn’t right, please let us know and we’ll bring it beyond your expectations.

3. What’s your warranty like?

Dailey Manufacturing’s warranties change based on the product:

  • One of the best parts of our window warranties is they have a lifetime glass breakage warranty
  • Our stock cabinets have a 5-year warranty. Custom cabinets have a limited lifetime warranty
  • Our doors also have a limited lifetime warranty

4. What’s the process for working with you?

This is a basic overview of what it’s like to work with Dailey Manufacturing:

  1. Submit A Contact Form On Our Website With Pictures
  2. Phone Consultation
  3. In-Home Consultation
  4. Create A 3D Design
  5. Order Materials
  6. Schedule A Delivery Of Materials To Your House

We do have a more detailed version of what it’s like to work with us.

5. How much do your windows cost?

The cost of a window for a house can be anywhere from $200 to $400. This doesn’t include installation, labor, custom windows, or any other cost factors.

The cost to replace house windows is about $600 to $800 per window, including installation. Low-end windows are an average of $500. High-end windows average about $1,000.

There are a few main factors that can change these costs.

6. How much do your doors cost?

The cost of custom doors for entryways is usually between $850 and $6,000. There are factors that can cause the cost to change.

7. How much do your kitchen cabinets cost?

The cost of kitchen cabinets usually ranges from $3,000 to $90,000. There are ways you can change the cost of kitchen cabinets.

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“This answers most of our questions!” says Michelle happily. John nods. “It does, but we still have a couple more. Let’s see what other posts on this blog cover and if they have the answers we’re looking for.”

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